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Artist: Beau Bowen

Album: The Great Anticlimax

Release Date: 10th April

Single: A Rock ’n’ Roll Story

Release Date: 14th February

Genre: Prog Rock, Alt Rock, Psychedelic Rock,


Visionary Rock Musician, Beau Bowen, announces debut album.


Beau Bowen’s unravelling musical mind is displayed in detail on his fresh 9 track debut album (out 10th April 2020) entitled “The Great Anticlimax”, preceded by a single release, “A Rock ’n’ Roll Story” (out 14th February 2020)


The multi instrumentalist is an electrifying Guitarist, Vocalist and Frontman, but it’s genre pushing songwriting that makes him a standout. A daring and passionate young rock musician, Beau confidently and elegantly displays a wide palette of musical and emotional depth on a debut album that doesn’t feature a repeated chorus until the final track.  The record was mixed by 5 time grammy award winner Jimmy Douglass.


The songs are elegantly melodic, carving a pathway through subtle acoustic passages, leading to an ambush of punishing riffs before soaring solos sweep away to a place you’ve never been before.



The Great Anticlimax

A vast landscape where stark acoustic plains meet with sky high riffs and soaring melodies. It’s straight in at the deep end with Beau’s musical vision. 


A Rock 'n' Roll Story

A reticent look back at a pained love affair. Love, jubilation, desperation, fury, the song attempts to musically encapsulate every emotion felt towards “her”.


Time is An Illusion Baby

Life can be fun when you don’t take it too seriously. A 4 part song excitedly grabbing you by the hand and racing from place to place. It’s all over before you know it.

Cosmic Renaissance I

A sonic collision of programmed instrumentation (courtesy of Mz Poppinz) and a brooding solo guitar melds 2 worlds together.

Messianic Indulgence

A song lyrically rooted in such extreme lust and longing you could describe it as “Messianic”, but also reflecting upon what is to be both onstage, and in the audience of a rock concert. It is a Messianic Indulgence for all involved. Musically, it is Messianically indulgent. I think it works.

Cosmic Renaissance II

Passion explodes in this spellbinding, mesmeric guitar solo.

The Life I Chose For Myself

A lost soul bursts into life with with this celebration and acceptance of what it is to be alive.

Universe in Reverse

The earliest composition from the album and a fitting ending to the style of songwriting this piece of music spawned. From a lone acoustic guitar, the song grows into an army, ending with a guitar solo from the top of a mountain.

Bisolar Disorder

A care free curtain call, throwing caution to the wind until next time.



Guitar/Bass/Vocals - Beau Bowen

Drums - Dean Pearson

Piano - Laurie Blundell

Vibraphone - Lewis Wright


Produced by Miles James

Engineered by Christoph Skirl

Mixed by Jimmy Douglass

Mastered by Mike Bozzi

Recorded at Echo Zoo Studio

All Photos by Paul Harries


A Rock 'N' Roll Story - Music Video